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A Description of Some Graphic Design Products

Graphic communication media such as calendars, postage stamps, pennants, buntings and flags are utilised in our daily activities as a people, society or nation. It is now a popular feature of ceremonies and events like weddings, festivals, Independence Day and others to design calendars, buntings to mark the occasion or event. Thus, graphic artists need [Continue]

Fine art in advertising can backfire

Throughout the ages, fine art has been accorded a special significance and recognized as a powerful communication tool. Art has been used to sell everything from products to politics to religion. But art can be stripped of its special status if used carelessly by advertisers, according to a new study by researchers from Boston College [Continue]

Professor creates video games that redefine art

For UCLA design media arts professor Eddo Stern, video games aren’t “just games.” They’re platforms to question our assumptions about human relationships, our understanding of violence, even our definition of reality. “So I just exchanged three texts with someone. Does that constitute knowing them?” Stern asked. Which relationship is stronger? One you have with someone [Continue]

Classroom Design Improves Education For Children With Autism

The standard of education for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) can be improved by better classroom design, but often not enough attention is given to their needs. Now, researchers Coventry University’s Design Ergonomics Applied Research Group have developed a new environment that is engaging autistic children in schools through digital technology. Experts from Coventry [Continue]